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Comprehensive Antivirus Protection for Your Business

Online activities are a crucial part of every business, be it big, medium or small. But this also poses the risk of viruses and other malware that may not only harm the devices used to connect to the internet but also interests of the business. This is the reason that every business ought to employ effective antivirus solutions like Webroot. Here are a few benefits that this antivirus security program offers for your business.

  • Complete protection because malware from every source like emails, web browsers, files, URLs, ads, apps and other real time threats are all prevented.
  • Simple one click installation ensures that this program is installed in minimum time.
  • No more slowdowns of your devices because there are no heavy updates to bog down your device with Webroot Business Security.
  • No software conflicts because it is compatible with every other software that is already installed on your device.
  • Super-fast scans ensure that your device is scanned in the fastest possible manner at regular intervals.
  • Ransomware protection is guaranteed by Webroot Small Business Security through a path-breaking rollback technology that restores infected files that are held for ransom.
  • Real time anti-phishing is another benefit that prevents malicious links from stealing your personal data.
  • Online management allows you to manage the security of your devices irrespective of your location simply by logging into your account and accessing the Webroot dashboard.

What Makes Webroot Different?

There are many brands of antivirus programs that you can choose for your business but Webroot Endpoint Security is indeed different owing to several features. Some of these are discussed below to help you understand how this brand is superior as compared to other competitor products.

  • Multi-vector protection
  • Deep learning intelligence
  • Zero-hour security
  • Industry leading efficacy
  • Fast deployment and scans
  • No conflicts
  • No reimaging
  • Online management
  • RMM and PSA integrations
  • Flexible billing
  • Lower TCO
  • Unity API

For complete information about what Webroot offers, simply dial toll free number and get in touch with our technical team.

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