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Mobile Security for Business Protection

Webroot Mobile Security for businesses get the perfect protection against all types of online threats threats by providing Endpoint Security, Network Security, User Education and Embedded Threat Intelligence. Endpoint Security offers endpoint protection, mobile protection as well as security solutions for small businesses. Network Security includes DNS Protection and Network Anomaly Detection. Security Awareness Training is a part of user education while Embedded Threat Intelligence primarily detects potential threats and manages them accordingly.

Experience the Difference with

This online security program is different in more ways than one. It has several features that set it apart from other competitor products. Here are a few features that make it different and superior.

  • Blocks Harmful Apps: This feature prevents mobile threats arising from various apps downloaded on your phone before they can cause damage to your phone or tablet by reporting reputation of such apps.
  • Secure Web Browsing: Employee information and other related corporate information is protected from malicious sites and downloads.
  • Lost Device Protection: This feature makes it easy to locate lost or stolen devices as well as block unwanted callers and SMS.
  • Implement Company Policies: according to this, employees can use a special pass-code to protect sensitive corporate emails and other information whether it is Webroot Mobile Security for Android or any other device.
  • Always Up-To-Date: Webroot’s cloud data center ensures that users are safe from new threats 24*7, 365 days with regular updates even for Webroot Mobile Security for IOS,
  • Deploys In Seconds: Time can be saved because this takes only a few seconds to get deployed on Android and Apple devices.
  • Online Management: Webroot offers on-premise solutions for user, device and group management.
  • High on Performance: Businesses can save bandwidth and battery life with small device footprint and super-fast scans with least power consumption.

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